Installation - Day and Night Impression roller blinds

Installation of Day and Night Impression roller blinds

Necessary parts for Day and Night Impression with Lux and Mini Box

  1. Decorative caps
  2. Side strips
  3. Lower weight for the fabric
  4. Operative cord stoppers
  5. Screws

Step 1 - Place the blind on the window and screw the screws (5) on the side caps into the holes provided for them.


Step 2 – Place the lower weight (3) in the fabric.


Step 3- Peel off the tape of the side strips.


Step 4 – Glue the side strips (2) to the window holder.


Step 5 - Click the Decorative Caps (1).

Step 6 - Place the stoppers (4) between the balls of the control cord. They serve as a limiter on the movement of the blind.

Step 7 – Pull the cord to control the blind.