Installation - Venetian blinds

Installation of Venetian blinds

Necessary parts for Venetian blinds installation

  1. Suspension plates
  2. Suspension plate caps
  3. -
  4. Barrels for locking cord (for mounting between window holders)
  5. Locking cord plate (for mounting between window holders)
  6. Locking cord plate (for mounting on the frame)
  7. Barrels for locking cord (for mounting on the frame)
  8. Screws

Step 1 - Install the suspension plates (1)
For mounting between window holders


For mounting on the frame


Step 2 - Place the blind in the already installed suspension plates


Step 3 - Click the suspension plates caps


(If you have selected the locking cord as an additional accessory)
Step 4 - Screw the special plates (5 or 6) and attach the cord with the help of the barrels to them.
For mounting on the frame


Mounting between the window holders


(If you have selected stoppers for locking as an additional accessory)