Installation - Venus blinds

Necessary parts for Venus installation

  1. Profile caps
  2. Locking cord plates
  3. Screws
  4. Barrels for locking cord

Mounting Venus blinds between window holders:

Step 1 - Place the blind on the window and screw the screws on the side caps into the holes provided for them.


Step 2 - (If you have selected a locking cord as an additional accessory). Measure and mark 19 mm on both sides of the lower window holder.


Step 3 – Drill holes in the places you marked. Install the plastic plates (2) by screwing them into the holes.


Step 4 - Tighten the cord to the end and insert it into the barrel (4). Tighten the barrel screw and lock it in the hole of the plate.


Step 5 – Click (1) the profile caps.


Step 6 – To raise and lower the blind, pull the cord in the directions shown in the picture.


Step 7 – To adjust the inclination of the slats, turn the wand in the direction shown in the picture.