Taking measurements

Pleated blinds - Taking measurements

Mounting between the window holders

The measurements should be taken up to mm (including the rubber sealing), both ways - in width and in height. Subtract 4 mm from the width. This is the final width that you should specify in your order request. In some cases, however, the window might be curved. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the width of the window at both ends (upper and lower) and in the middle. If there is a difference in the width, please take the shortest one. Measure the height at both ends (left and right) of the window and take the longer one (in case there is a difference). This is the final height that you should specify in your order request. 



Mounting on the frame (in front of the window)

In this case, the measurements are taken up to mm. from one end of the window holder to the other end of the other window holder, both in width and in height. These are the final dimensions that you have to specify in your order request.